We started out coding websites by hand in Dreamweaver. Then we moved onto content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, still having to code quite a bit to make our own themes and modifications. As technology and the amazing Open Source community progressed, so did the tools available for website designers.

Right now, we believe that the combination of our customised version of with beaverbuilder® is unbeatable for building modern, responsive, functional, and beautiful websites and, whilst we are happy to work with other systems, this is our preferred platform for new builds, especially when combined with the beaverbuilder® Theme and Beaver Themer add-on. We use it for our own website too!

Using beaverbuilder® helps us to speed up the website building process, which is great for you, our customer, as it leaves us with more time to concentrate on designing a sublime website, that provides a great user experience, looks great, and delivers the results that you want to see. The coding skills that we have picked up over the years isn't wasted though - it gives us the ability to tweak things and make them just right, as well as giving a unique design that avoids the generic look that often results from using web builders like Wix, or themes that many other people are using.

As well as building new websites, we are happy to help you with your existing beaverbuilder® project on a freelance basis, or with a longer term relationship. Get in touch with with us now so that we can discuss your project and see if we are right for each other.

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In addition to beaverbuilder®, we like to use the best tools available in order to extend and leverage the awesome capabilities that come as standard. One of the best that we've found is Ultimate Addons for BeaverBuilder®, which adds a ton of well thought out and well coded options.

Because we use it all the time, we are familiar with how to use UABB to deliver the best results for your website - all craftsmen take time to learn their tools inside out. If your project already uses it, we can help, and we almost always use UABB when building websites for our customers.

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The Beaver Addons PowerPack® extension is also one of our favourites. built by a professional and dedicated team that constantly tweak and improve their product for beaverbuilder®, resulting in a solid and reliable product that we trust and use.

Being a familiar tool in our hands, we can pick the best options to deliver you a sublime website, or help you improve on your existing one. The Beaver Addons team also have some other great plugins that we use from time to time, as and when they are needed.

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Licensing & Support

The plugins featured here are professionally developed and supported. We ensure that the websites we build include the cost of licensing for updates, either using our developer licence for those of you who stay with us under a long term support package, or with your own individual license for one-off builds. Either way, we'll make sure that you are covered and will receive new features and security updates.

beaverbuilder®, Ultimate Addons for BeaverBuilder®, Beaver Addons PowerPack® and their associated logo's are owned by their respective organisations and may be subject to trademark and other protections. Designs43 is not associated with, or in any way affiliated to, any of the companies mentioned, excepting as a customer in a normal B2B commerce relationship. We would like to thank them for providing us and the wider website development community with such excellent tools!

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